IT Services in Lebanon, Beirut

ITWorksMe LogoITWorksMe Lebanon, Beirut is leading the market as the most advanced IT company.

ITWorksME has two main divisions, IT maintenance services and Online solutions through ITWorksMe online team.

ITWorksMe, IT outsourcing and IT maintenance team is experienced in:

  • Network infrastructure, network design, network maintenance, and network troubleshooting.
  • Server setup: ITWorksMe Beirut, Lebanon IT outsourcing team, can help you setup your server infrastructure, our IT outsourcing team is experienced in Windows server setup, our IT outsourcing team can help you setup domain controller, file server, mail server such as exchange, kerio winroute and Zimbra.
  • Multiple platform support: ITWorksMe IT maintenance team, works on multiple platform. Our IT maintenance team has excellent knowledge on Windows OS, Apple OS and Linux OS. The IT maintenance team in ITWorksMe can help you create tailor made solutions that fits your company needs.
  •  Backup solutions: ITWorksMe IT service team is experienced in backup solution for entreprises. Our IT service team installs various type of backup solution that allows you restore your data in different scenarios. ITWorksME IT service team can create different level of backup solutions such as: offsite backup, onsite backup and soft data recovery.

ITWorksME Online department services:

  • ITWorksCDN is an ITWorksMe product that is optimized for video delivery for the TV stations and radio stations in the MENA “middle east and north africa region”. ITWorksCDN “content delivery network”, delivers lowest latency for the Arab’s living abroad, we have engineered  our content delivery network “CDN” in order to provide lowest latency in the regions where our clients audience is located. Whether your are searching for TV live streaming, radio live streaming or video on demand service. Our online department has the best solution for you.
  • Hosting service in our company is one of the most reliable and stable services in the world. We have partnered with the biggest datacenters in order to provide 100% network SLA for our hosting clients. Moreover, we have succeeded providing tailor made hosting solutions that balance cost and performance at the same time. Our hosting service is optimized for security, performance and high traffic websites. Our hosting clients range from shared hosting services, Linux hosting and windows hosting to dedicated servers and private cluster solutions that allows load balancing and redundancy for high traffics websites.
  • Video on demand in today’s world is becoming a need for any media agency. Due to the high demand we decided to build “VOD Platform” a new product for the media that delivers media companies, tv stations and any video content website the freedom of managing its media content. Our video on demand platform “VOD Platform” allows you to integrate with any content delivery network in the world, it also allows you to use “ITWorksCDN” ITWorksME content delivery network that is optimized for video delivery for the Arabs abroad. “VOD Platform” is engineered an designed to do most of the media work, you just need to choose your videos click on upload and our video on demand platform will do the rest. “VOD Platform” has built-in transcoding feature that delivers from high bitrate multiple outputs in order to meet your audience need whether on high or low speed internet connection. Moreover, you can enable multiple format of “AD delivery” through our video on demand platform “VOD Platform“.

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